George R. Kasica
METEO 241 Portfolio #4: My Week as Weather Briefer September 18-24, 2006

In the following pages I'm going to review and highlight my week of acting as the lead "Weather Briefer" for the Meteorology 241 - Tropical Meteorology class from September 18 through September 24, 2006. To do this I am going to start by talking about what was occurring at the beginning of the week on September 18 and then work my way chronologically through the week to September 24. Along the way I will be highlighting various items that allowed me new insights into the study of the weather systems during the week and what I learned from others as well as they and I interacted with my "briefings" on a daily basis through the use of quotes from posted messages and also images. 

On a technical note for viewers, for a quick look at the various briefings you can click on the numbered buttons to the left below and the entire thread of the briefings will open in a new window if you want to view the entire discussion thread uninterrupted. Also, all the files and images that were attached by the authors as well will also appear in new windows when clicked from within the briefings or from within any quoted postings throughout this writing. In addition any hyperlinks (URL's) referenced are also active, though as some state the lifetime of the link is limited and they may no longer be valid at this current time.

Tropical weather briefing for Monday September 18, 2006
Tropical weather briefing for Tuesday September 19, 2006
Tropical weather briefing for Wednesday September 20, 2006
Tropical weather briefing for Thursday September 21, 2006
Tropical weather briefing for Friday September 22, 2006
Tropical weather briefing for Saturday September 23, 2006
Tropical weather briefing for Sunday September 24, 2006

So now that we have yet another "briefing plan" outlined and the major technical details taken care of, lets proceed on to day number one of the briefing week, Monday September 18, 2006 (Click the date to proceed).