George R. Kasica
METEO 410 Portfolio #1: Analysis of Forecasts for San Antonio, Texas

In the following sections I will be discussing forecasts for four twenty-four hour period for San Antonio, Texas starting with Tuesday January 23 through Friday January 26, 2007. The forecasts will cover each day from midnight local time until midnight local time the following day (06Z until 06Z the following day).

In order to better understand the challenges of forecasting for San Antonio the first thing that I did was look at the climate of the area and what was normal and expected for temperatures and other conditions in the area during this period of time. I also looked at the physical land features of the area to see what effect they may have on the weather patterns.

After looking at the climatology of San Antonio, we'll get into the core of the forecasting process by looking at the four forecasts and how well they predicted the actual conditions at San Antonio for the time they were valid.

After that, I will detail some of the challenges that I discovered while making the forecasts and areas where I felt I either did well or can use more improvement as a forecaster and how I hope to accomplish this.

So without any more delay, lets move on to a section that interests you below, either the climatology, forecasts themselves, or my critique of my performance as a forecaster and plans to improve. Simply select the link below and you will open a new window to that section.