Rick Coon's  e-Portfolio
Certificate of Achievement in Weather Forecasting

METEO101 : Reflections on my Forecasting Assignments in the Weather Station

METEO 241: Fundamentals of Tropical Forecasting

Meteo 361: Fundamentals of Mesoscale Forecasting

Meteo 410: Advanced Topics in Weather Forecasting

I'm from Punxsutawney, PA, the home of Groundhog's Day.  I've been a weather enthusiast since I was a child. Like many weather hobbyists, I love storms of all kinds, especially thunderstorms. We even built a sunroom on our house so I could see them better. I've kept a daily rainfall and snowfall record for over ten years, along with a five year record of daily high and low temperature readings. I've always thought that I've known a lot about the weather from watching Weather World, a show out of Penn State of which I've been a fan of for over 20 years, but with this course I've learned more than I ever thought possible and I know I'll continue to do so.