Welcome to my second e-portfolio assignment in Meteo 410, as I continue forecasting for the 
WxChallenge.  This is a national collegiate competition, where students make daily forecasts for high and low temperatures, maximum two-minute sustained wind speed and total liquid precipitation.  With over 1,000 people enrolled, I now realize how hard it will be to finish near the top.

I discovered in the first four weeks of the contest, for Jacksonville, Florida and Casper, Wyoming, that weather forecasting is even more difficult than I thought, as my mistakes were plentiful.  Unfortunately, my mistakes didn't stop there, as I moved forward forecasting for the next two cities on the list: Green Bay, Wisconsin and Quillayute, Washington.  In this e-portfolio assignment, I will identify a high temperature mistake I made in Green Bay on October 31 and a low temperature mistake in Quillayute on November 12.  Then, I'll provide some insight and analysis as to what I could have done better, as well as the important lessons I learned.  First, I'll provide you with Green Bay's climatology which helps greatly when trying to predict the actuals.

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