In this third and final e-portfolio assignment in Meteo 410, I'm continuing to discuss the WxChallenge.  This is a national collegiate competition, where students make daily forecasts for high and low temperatures, maximum two-minute sustained wind speed and total liquid precipitation.  After the five cities were completed, I finished around 200th place out of approximately 1,000 students, not up to my expectations.

In forecasting for the first four cities of the contest, I quickly realized how easy it is to mistakes and I made many.  As you might have guessed, I continued making mistakes for the last city of this semester's contest: Kansas City, Missouri.  For this e-portfolio assignment, I'll discuss a low temperature error I made for Kansas City on December 2, 2008.  Then, I'll provide some insight and analysis as to what I could have done better, as well as the important lessons I learned.  First, though, let's examine Kansas City's climatology which always helps when trying to predict the actuals.

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