In Meteo 410, there are a lot of new and exciting challenges to accomplish, the main one being the WxChallenge. This is a contest where students from colleges all across the country compete against each other by making forecasts for five different cities over a ten week period.  Throughout the contest, we make daily forecasts for high and low temperatures, maximum two-minute sustained wind speed and total liquid precipitation.  Also, those students with the best score will receive an award.

Jacksonville, Florida is the first city on the list for us to make forecasts, followed by Casper, Wyoming. Coincidentally, I have relatives in Jacksonville that I've been fortunate enough to visit a few times, you can see a picture of their house to the right, but never long enough to gain an insight into the weather conditions.  Therefore, my mistakes have been plentiful in the first four weeks of the WxChallenge not only in Jacksonville, but Casper, too. Throughout this report, I'm going to pinpoint a forecast that went wrong in Jacksonville and one in Casper and provide some insight as to why my forecast busted, but first, I'll provide you with Jacksonville's climatology.
                                                                                                                                                            This is a picture of my cousin's house in Jacksonville, Florida, courtesy of Tom Culbreth.

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